High Precision Optical Glass Long Pass Filter 750nm

Product Description:

A long pass filter is characterized by the fact that a range of low transmission (blocking range) in the short wavelength region is joined to an area of high transmission  in the long wavelength region.

Product Index:

Transmission Range760nm-1100nm
Blocking Range200nm-440nm
Transmittance>90% (customized)
Cut-off Deepth
Product SizeCustomizable
Surface QualityMIL 60-40
Optical glass

Product Application:

The long pass filters from NMOT  are ideal for laser cosmetic instrument,laser medical instrument and optical applications with its high transmission and long blocking range.

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Product Show:

Od2-Od4-Long-Pass-Filter-High-Transmittance.webp (4).jpg

  • Optical product type: Long Pass Filter