Blue Reflecting, Red and Green Transmitting Dichroic Mirror

Optical specification:


Product Features:

1. Small absorption,vignetting and loss

2. Stable membrane

3. High transmittance and reflectivity

4. Clear color and without stray light

5. Optical glass

6. Surface quality: 60-40

7. Application fields: Laser lamp, stage computer lamp, dichroic filter, optical instrument beam splitting mirror, shaking head tracing lamp, laser, optical instrument, projector,LED color detection, fluorophillium analysis, biological medical microscope, reflective color turbine

Product Type:

1. Red reflect, green pass (reflect 650nm, pass 532nm)

2. Green reflect, red passreflect 532nm, pass 650nm

3Blue reflect, green & red passreflect 473nm, pass 532nm & 650nm

4Blue & green reflect, red passreflect 473nm &532nm, pass 650nm

5Red reflect, green & blue passreflect 650nm, pass 532nm & 473nm

6 Red & green reflect, blue passreflect 650nm & 532nm, pass 473nm

7. reflect 1064nm,  pass visible light

8Reflect visible light, pass red light and 1064nm

Product Show:

Optical filters|Band pass filter|mirror filter|Optical lenses|Prism

  • Optical product type: Dichroic Mirror