Coloured PMMA Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet With Factory Price

Product Description:

Trans-infrared panel' substrate from NMOT used with Acrylic PMMA. We can offer colorful window,panel or sheet according to custom's requirement.

Product Specification:

Dimension1020x2020mm, 1150x1970mm, 1220x1820mm, 1250x1850mm, 1220x2440mm,1250x2450mm
1520x2120mm, 1600x2200mm, 1600x2600mm, 1600x3100mm, 2050x2300mm, 2050x3050mm
we can produce acrylic sheet/panel according customer's requirement.
Thickness1.8-50mm or customized
Density1.2g/cm3 or customized
transparent,black,red,yellow,blue,cyan,purple,green,cream color,etc.

QualityAcrylic sheet conformed the environmental protection standard.
Through SGS environmental protection standard.
Min Order QTY10PCS

Product Show:

Optical filters|Band pass filter|mirror filter|Optical lenses|Prism

  • Optical product type: PMMA