Optical Glass 40:60 Spectroscope

Product Description

NMOT’s spectroscope/beam splitter mirror is one of the important parts of optical interferometer. It’s widely used in laser equipment, optical fiber communication system field. It is a optical devices which can divide a beam of light into two (or more) beam of light. The properties of the beams after splitting are exactly the same as those of the light source (Note: the properties are partially the same when splitting using the principle of polarization) The sum of the light intensity of the beams is equal to the intensity of the light source (note: ignore the various losses during the splitting process).

Spectroscope Specification:







Spectral Band ( working range) :

1. 470nm (Light source: LED light source)

2. 532nm (Light source: Green laser module feedback mirror

3. 650nm (Light source: Red LED Pump light source)

4. 850nm (Light source: 850nm infrared laser pumping) 

5. 380~760nm (Light source: All visible light sources)

Product Show:

Optical filters|Band pass filter|mirror filter|Optical lenses|Prism

  • Optical product type: Spectroscope