Optical Bandpass Filter 440nm

Product Description:

The band pass filter produced by NMOT adopt All-Dielectric hard coating technology and dielectric interference theory. On the basis of highlighting the characteristics of narrow band filter, the optical performance is independent of the thickness of substrate which is easier to build-in instrument imaging system.  The optical properties been improved and effectively applied. Special optical material substrate is adopted to solve the problems such as foggy and unstable optical properties of the traditional absorptive synthetic glass.The products are manufactured according to customers' requirements.

Product Index:



Angle of Incidence 




Transmittance at CWL

>90% (Per customer's requirements)

Product Size

3mm-80mm (customizable)


200nm-1100nm (Per customer's requirements)

Cut-off Depth 


Surface Quality

MIL 60-40

Product Material 

Optical glass

Product Show:

Optical filters|Band pass filter|mirror filter|Optical lenses|Prism

  • Optical product type: Bandpass Filter