Linear Polarization Polarizer Polarizing Film

Product Description:

Polarizer is one of the important components of liquid crystal display module. With the development of science and technology, polarizer has been used in some high-tech precision instruments.

Polarizer can control the transmission of light. Natural light radiates omni-directional, but when it passes through the polarizer, it can control the beam passing through the specified direction, other beams parallel to the polarization angle will be absorbed, leaving only the beam perpendicular to the polarization Angle.

Product Index:

Surface Hardness 


Degree of Polarization99%
Single piece of glass transmittance42%±2%
Two piece of glass cross transmittance≤0.5%
Thickness of protective layer0.6mm
Effective thickness
0.2mm±0.02 ( can be thickened to 0.4mm,0.74mm,1.2mm)


The finished polarizers are thin in thickness. Generally, the polarizers are used glueing with two anti-reflection filters. NMOT‘s Polarizers can produced with single point polarization according to customers' requirements

Product Show:

Optical filters|Band pass filter|mirror filter|Optical lenses|Prism

  • Optical product type: Polarizing Film