Filters for biological equipment

2018-07-24 15:52:19 41

  Biochemical filter is specially used in biochemical analyzer and enzyme label instrument. It is the core component of optical system. Its optical performance determines the accuracy and sensitivity of equipment inspection.

  Biochemical analyzer, also known as biochemical analyzer, is an instrument that USES the principle of photoelectric colorimetry to measure certain chemical components in the body fluids.Made of hard film, no drift, very durable.The wavelength of filter commonly used in biochemical apparatus is 340nm, 405nm, 492nm, 546nm, 578nm and 630nm.Biochemical analysis is one of the commonly used detection methods in clinical practice. One of the core components of biochemical analyzer, the monochromator or spectrophotometer, is operated by interference filter.The interference filter has two types: insert type and rotary disc type.The insertion is to insert the required filter into the filter slot, and the disc is to install all the filter plates equipped with the instrument in the disk, and rotate them to the required filter plate when using.Narrow-band interference filter, a bandpass filter, which USES the dielectric and metal multilayer interference effect, can from the incident light, the selection of a specific wavelength, the half peak bandwidth (half the peak) of 1 nm to 40 nm.A filter used to separate a narrow band of monochromatic light from composite light.It can replace the expensive spectrophotometric devices such as grating and is widely used in optical experiments and industrial fields.