IPL beauty device filter

2018-07-24 15:52:19 25

    Laser cosmetic instrument special sapphire crystal light (IPL) block is a kind of transparency high purity sapphire crystal, using good sapphire crystal optical properties used for laser cosmetic instrument of light is a cuboid optical glass, all optical polishing six sides, on one end surface plating by the filter membrane, through to the light through the sides of the light piece of total reflection by another end exit, and then radiation to the skin surface to laser cosmetic.


A. The surface quality and durability of high precision processing are good.

B. Crystal materials have excellent optical, thermodynamic and mechanical properties.

C. The process of imported film plating machine can withstand laser pulse for a long time and ensure the operation safety of cosmetic instruments.

D. Imported plating machine process production, dense film layer, high damage valve value, longer service life.

Optical filter spectrogram