High Energy Harmful Blue Light Detection Filter

2019-12-03 14:25:58 8

With the development of science and technology, the further improvement of people's living standards, more and more intelligent products come into our life, but these intelligent devices also bring some health problems like- high energy blue light. Blue light is widely found in computer monitors, fluorescent lamps, mobile phones, digital products, display screens, LED and other light. Blue light will increase the amount of toxins in the macular area of the eyes, which seriously threatens the health of our eyes.

For this reason, we has developed a blue light detection filter. This blue light detection filter is developed by special vacuum coating technology, which can not only shield the blue light but also restore the original picture quality under the premise of guaranteeing original color.

The following is the experimental comparison picture of the blue light detection filter. Two LED TVS are adopted, one is the LED TV with anti-blue light function, and the other is the ordinary LED TV. We can see two distinct color contrasts when we put the blue light detection filter on the TV.

Putting the blue light detection filters in front of the LED TV, if the filters turns yellow, indicating that the TV emits blue light. If not, there is no blue light.

Optical filters|Band pass filter|mirror filter|Optical lenses|Prism

Optical filters|Band pass filter|mirror filter|Optical lenses|Prism

The harmful blue light detection filter can be widely used in the occasions with blue light detection, such as laser welding workshop, eye protection TV store, etc.

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