Basic knowledge of optical aspheric lens

2018-07-13 15:08:47 59


Optical Lens

   Optical aspheric lens is of great importance in industrial, defense and commercial applications.When designing an optical system with aspheric surface, the selection of aspheric equation is very important, which determines the optimal result of the system.So we share with you basic knowledge of optical aspheric lens.

    In a broad sense, aspheric lenses are other surfaces that do not include spherical lenses and flat lenses.From the perspective of application, an aspheric lens can be divided into an axisymmetric aspheric lens, an aspheric lens with two symmetrical faces, and a free-form curved lens without symmetry.

   The aspheric lens is usually divided into a secondary aspheric lens and a high order aspheric lens.The secondary aspheric lens is the most widely used in optical systems and has a special position compared with other types of aspheric lenses.The secondary aspheric lens can be divided into: a pair of aspheric lens with no image difference and an aspheric lens without image difference.A pair of aspheric aspheres are widely used in various optical instruments and are the most common aspherical lenses.No aspherical aspheric lens has been widely used in optical systems for forming deformed images.High order aspheric lens can be divided into surface and non-monotonic surface of monotonic meridional curve.