2018 Frankfurt optical technology exhibition

2018-07-18 16:17:27 46

  May 15, 2018 Beijing time is the first day of NMOT optical technology exhibition at Frankfurt international expo center.

  Optical technology is top trade event, Frankfurt, Germany as the world's one of the important photoelectric trade event, Frankfurt optical technology together more than 570 exhibitors from 31 countries around the world, the exhibition area of 18000 square meters.The exhibition covers a wide range of products, including optics, optical electronics, laser technology, fiber optics technology, optical communication technology and information technology.

  As a famous optical component manufacturer in China, NMOT has been working hard on the domestic market, and it has also been accelerating the internationalization process and vigorously expanding its overseas market.

  A few months before the exhibition, general manager jony paid great attention to the preparation of the exhibition and gave great support and help to the work before and after the exhibition.

  The NMOT exhibition team also made detailed preparations for the exhibition. Before the exhibition, jony's general manager led a large number of the exhibition team to Frankfurt for the exhibition.

  In this exhibition, NMOT with its innovative technology advantages and comprehensive solutions, integrated optical filter components in optical fair in Frankfurt, Germany on the first day, has won many end users and channels of the world's attention.

  On the first day of the wonderful silhouette show, we welcome customers from home and abroad to visit NMOT's booth j-65 in Frankfurt international expo center.

Optical filters

Optical filters